June 2023 | Habari | AUDA-NEPAD Newsletter

June 2023 | Habari | AUDA-NEPAD Newsletter

AUDA-NEPAD Twitter Spaces Dialogue on Energize Africa

Join us for a groundbreaking Twitter Space Dialogue hosted by the African Union Development Agency-NEPAD (AUDA-NEPAD) and Insight Factor, as we unveil the transformative initiative, Energize Africa. This dynamic platform seeks to ignite the creative and innovative potential of Africa’s youth, propelling the continent’s economic growth and development to unprecedented heights.

The purpose of this dialogue is two-fold. Firstly, it provides an opportunity for AUDA-NEPAD to showcase the Energize Africa initiative, addressing any areas of clarification, providing critical information, and gathering input and ideas for its implementation. Secondly, it offers a networking space for invited stakeholders, fostering connections and collaborations that will further strengthen the initiative’s impact.

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Africa’s Potential to Manufacture its Own Essential Medical Products Advances through the Set-up of the African Medicines Agency 

The African Medicines Regulatory Harmonisation initiative (AMRH) and its work spanning over thirteen years across five ( 5) African Union (AU) recognised regional economic communities (RECs), lays a solid and firm foundation for the establishment of the African Medicines Agency (AMA). The Agency, which is a specialised AU agency, is responsible for delivering strengthened and robust regulatory systems across Africa. READ MORE>

Regional Economic Communities and AUDA-NEPAD Unite to Mobilise Resources for Agenda 2063 Implementation

The Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD) recently convened in Nairobi, Kenya, for a crucial meeting. The primary focus of the joint event was to review the proposed abridged program document for the Joint Resource Mobilization Campaign. This campaign is strategically designed to accelerate the execution of the Agenda 2063 Second Ten-Year Implementation Plan (STYIP) and foster regional integration towards the African Economic Community (AEC). READ MORE>


Africa Needs to Establish Itself as World Breadbasket

By Msingathi Sipuka, AUDA-NEPAD Chief of Staff

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s main message during the recent mission to Ukraine and Russia was to end the war because of its impact on global food security. He cited the effect of the war on the supply chains for grain and the availability of this important commodity to global markets, with Africa being his main focus.

Before this war, many people were probably unaware of the global importance of Ukraine in terms of food markets. Considering the impact of the supply-side shock that the global economy has endured because of the war, it is worth taking some time to understand the Ukrainian agricultural sector. READ MORE>


A Major New Bout of Funding to Rejuvenate the AFR100 Towards #GenerationRestoration

The African Forest Landscape Initiative (AFR100), in which countries across the continent have together pledged to bring more than 100 million hectares of land under restoration by 2030 recently received a 75 Million Swedish krona (SEK) approximately USD 7 Million funding injection from the Swedish government, in a significant boost to its second phase 2023-2026. This renewed commitment comes as part of the global call for the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, a movement to catalyze large-scale restoration projects and address the urgent environmental challenges faced by our planet. The funding injection serves as a powerful testament to the determination of stakeholders to rejuvenate AFR100 and propel it forward to achieve its ambitious goals.  READ MORE>


African Union Supports Malawi Gen Editing Communication Strategy

Charles Mkoka, Agenda 2063 Media Network

The African Union Development Agency – NEPAD through its Centre of Excellence in Science, Technology, and Innovation has capacitated Malawi to develop first ever Genome Editing (Ged) national communication and advocacy strategy from 19th – 23rd June, 2023  that will scale up public awareness and build institutional capacity for research and development, technology transfer, resulting in an expanded portfolio and a more efficient utilization of innovation capacity to develop compelling products. READ MORE>



AUDA-NEPAD CEO and SG of AfCFTA share their hopes for Africa 

On the margins of the AUDA-NEPAD and AfCFTA Retreat hosted in Durban, South Africa on 24-25 June, the Agency hosted its Podcast Series, “Conversations on Africa’s Development”. 

The episode featuring CEO of AUDA-NEPAD, Ms Nardos Bekele-Thomas and SG of AfCFTA, Mr Wamkele Mene focused on the collaboration between the two entities towards the realisation of the Agenda 2063 vision.

When asked about the Africa she envisions in 2063, the CEO said that the youth of this Continent cannot continue dying in the ocean while trying to escape the challenges they face in the Continent. She highlighted that the oceans and roads should instead be channels used by African youth to trade.

The SG of AfCFTA on the other hand said that if in 2063, informal traders and SMEs are included in Africa’s economic transformation agenda, then surely the Continent will be on the path towards prosperity.

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ASPYEE’s Apprenticeships Resources Library is Now Live!

We are excited to announce that our library of easily accessible apprenticeship tools, guidelines, and initiatives are now live on ASPYEE! Developed through continent-wide research and engagement with a broad spectrum of skills development stakeholders, this collection of resources offers practical suggestions and examples that can be used to design and deliver successful apprenticeship programmes across a range of contexts throughout Africa.