Aug 10, 2023 | News

Launch of Team Africa

Taking a united and strategic approach to address the challenges of fragmented resource mobilisation in Africa, the African Union Commission (AUC), African Union Development Agency-NEPAD (AUDA-NEPAD), and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) are proud to announce the launch of "Team Africa Resource Mobilisation Campaign.

"This joint initiative aims to enhance coordination, foster partnerships, and mobilise resources effectively for financing sustainable development flagship projects across the continent.

During the launch, Mr. Wamkele Mene, Secretary-General of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area, highlighted the importance of collaboration, stating, "To realise the Agenda 2063 vision, a coordinated approach is indispensable. Our focus should transcend individual interests, for it is Africa as a whole that stands to benefit. Embracing 'Team Africa' will ensure we align our efforts and maximise the impact of our development goals," he said.

With a shared vision of promoting inclusive and sustainable development, the Team Africa Campaign recognises the importance of collaboration among key stakeholders. The AUC, AUDA-NEPAD, RECs, member States, civil society organisations, academia, and the private sector will work together to identify funding requirements, align programming priorities, and strengthen institutional capacity. This joint effort aims to promote transparency, accountability, and partnership, enabling African countries to mobilise and deploy resources more effectively for sustainable development.

The resource mobilisation campaign led by AUDA-NEPAD, in close collaboration with AUC and the RECs, has multi-fold objectives:

  • Mobilise resources: To support the implementation of the African Union's Agenda 2063 second ten-year implementation plan and AUDA-NEPAD's programs aligned with the RECs flagship projects. This includes financial resources, technical expertise, and in-kind contributions.
  • Attract investment: To attract investments from domestic resources, including the private sector and other funding entities, to support the development agenda. The campaign aims to create an enabling environment for investment and showcase Africa's potential for economic growth and development.
  • Promote ownership: To foster ownership of development initiatives by African countries and their citizens, promoting the participation of local communities in decision-making processes and aligning development interventions with national priorities and strategies.

The Team Africa Resource Mobilisation Campain will prioritise key areas of focus, including building inclusive sustainable food systems, infrastructure for regional integration, education and training, health and pharmaceutical systems, accelerating the digital transformation, trade and investment, peace and security, and migration.

Team Africa

By focusing on these areas, the campaign aims to catalyse regional integration, enhance human capital development, improve access to quality healthcare, ensure reliable internet access for all, and address the root causes of migration through economic development and youth empowerment.

The launch of Team Africa followed a roadmap of engagements, including a joint Validation and Finalisation Workshop on the margins of the AUC Mid-Year Summit. These engagements will provide opportunities for feedback, collaboration, and refining the joint resource mobilisation campaign.

Team Africa represents a significant milestone in Africa's journey towards sustainable development. It demonstrates the commitment of African countries, regional bodies, and development partners to work together, leverage resources, and promote regional integration for the collective benefit of the continent. Through collaboration, innovation, and joint ownership, Team Africa aims to bring transformative change and drive Africa's development agenda.

Concluding the event, Ms Nardos Bekele-Thomas, CEO of AUDA-NEPAD, emphasised the urgent need for African regions to unite. With determination, she declared, "The future lies in our actions today. As Team Africa, we are resolute in driving transformative change across the continent. Together, we will forge a path to success, embarking on a long and fruitful journey ahead."